Burggraf Disaster Restoration Services

Restoring Commercial Properties for Two Decades

A natural disaster can be catastrophic for a business. When you lose so much, it’s difficult to get back in the game. And the longer you’re out, the less chance you have of making it back at all.

Don’t let the unexpected destroy your company. When disaster strikes, give Burggraf a call.

Burggraf can help your business get on life support after flood, fire, or wind damage. Even if your entire building has been destroyed, you can be up and running once again in 24 hours or less with Burggraf’s trailer-mounted dehumidifiers, portable generators, and mobile offices.

As the largest disaster restoration company in Oklahoma, Burggraf has access to specialized insurance and equipment that smaller companies can’t afford, and we can be anywhere in the United States in about six hours.

When a disaster nearly wipes you out, let Burggraf give you a hand in getting back on your feet.
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Disaster planning – Don’t be caught unaware

There’s so much to do in business planning that planning for a disaster may just seem like overkill. That is, until wind, water, or fire nearly wipes you out.

Follow the Boy Scout’s motto and be prepared. Burggraf can help you with disaster planning so that you and your team know exactly what to do if the unthinkable happens.

Hopefully, it never will, but that extra measure of protection can give you a little more peace of mind.

Need disaster restoration in your home? We can help.

Nobody ever expects it to happen to them, but disaster can strike anyone at any time. This can leave your home severely damaged, if not completely unlivable.

Let Burggraf Disaster Restoration help you salvage your home. Whether it’s been damaged by water, wind, or fire, we can get things back to normal.

And with our transferable smoke odor guarantee, you can rest assured that if your house was damaged in a fire, neither you nor anyone else that lives there will ever smell smoke. Guaranteed.

Has your home been damaged? Give Burggraf Restoration a call today at 1-866-460-3473 and start the recovery. We’ll even pay $500 of your deductible.

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What do I do now?

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